The Brand provides an unparalleled experience of Naturally Elegant, a total concept of serenity, intimate, warm and discreet. Designed to invigorate the senses, its contemporary design and interior, greenery feel, premium location, attentive to detailed services, a sprinkling of delightful amenities and innovative features are inviting to experience a memorable stay.

Lihat Hotel
THE 1O1 Hotel & Resort

The pioneering Chic & Trendy lifestyle brand for both Business and Leisure travelers; offering Escapade of life Stressors to most Legendary Urban Area of every destination. This Midscale Premium Brand is “the heaven” for the active and young spirit travelers who wish to be part of every “happenings.” THE 1O1 uniqueness reflects a Smart Stylish Experience and smart-stylish Value for Money and product services and a commitment towards eco-conscious way. It is a notable landmark of the city to compliment your journey and simply crafting your memorable holiday.

Lihat Hotel
THE BnB Hotels

The New Evolution of Urban Hotel that is offering a notch of best deal on good location, fresh design and practical service. A creative response and recognition for those Simple Urban Explorers that is practical, independent, modern, love to explore all the greatness with simple mind, value conscious, has very limited time and lifestyle to connect and engage. Its value of Dynamically Stylish, Rationally Warm, Pleasantly Simple and Invigorating Smiles have formed a strong statement to translate Sleep Well. Pay Less. concept. A manifest of a HUB of everything.

Lihat Hotel
FRii Hotels

We wrap passions in the sequences and visualize it into special themes. It is a unique stay to venture journey and collect life stories. FRii is not just a place to crash the night. FRii is the Ultimate Home. It is “My Journey, My Story” experience.

Lihat Hotel
PHM Collection Hotels & Resorts

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Lihat Hotel

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