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JAKARTA, August 2018 – Anyone can help each other in many ways. Men, women, old, young, rich or poor; we all have the ability to help others.

PHM Hospitality is a hospitality management that offers various professional management services for hotels and resorts in Indonesia. Corporate office PHM Hospitality together with 5 (five) brand hotels under its management, namely: THE HAVEN, Deluxe Leisure brand for Suites | Hotel | Villas, THE 1O1 Hotel & Resort for MidScale Premium, FRii Hotels for “Unique Stay, Thematic Concept Hotels”, THE BnB Hotels for Economical Hotels and PHM Collection – A Collection of Hotels and Resort Choices, took the initiative to collect donations to help people bin Lombok, East Nusa Tenggara that affected by the earthquake.

Representatives from PHM Hospitality and hotels under its management are Mr. Mohammad Fahmi as VP Human Capital PHM Hospitality, traveling to the location over land for 5 hours from Langko, Mataram. We distributed donations in forms of food such as rice, eggs, instant noodles, biscuits, milk, mineral water also diapers, sanitary napkins, blankets, carpets, towels, mineral water, medicines and other else. We visited Mentareng village and Obel-Obel village, that two villages which has around 115 families and had massive severe due to the earthquake. The earthquake that occurred in Lombok caused some residents losing their relatives, most of the houses were also destroyed and could no longer be occupied. At present residents are still living in refugee camps and desperately need help from all of us because there are still other following earthquake.

“We are very concerned about the natural disasters that occurred in Lombok, our thought and prayers from all of us, the management and all employees of PHM Hotels to the people in Lombok, hopefully they are given strength and patience in facing this disasters. As a form of our commitment to care for our community; whether this is local or on a grander scale we immediately collect donations and go directly to the location of the disaster,” said Mohammad Fahmi as VP of Human Capital PHM Hospitality.

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