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6 hotels in 6 cities

Deluxe Smart

For business or holiday, a simply Deluxe Smart will be suitable for your stay.

Number of room: 103

Size of room: 24 m2

Deluxe Stylish

Travelling is more fun when you stay together with the friends at our Triple Bed Room.

Number of room: 13

Size of room: 26 m2

Deluxe Experience

Enjoying Dago’s scenery from our Deluxe Experience to complete your travel bucket list.

Number of rooms: 9

Size of the room: 42 m2

Duplex Trendy

Bring the kids and the whole family along for the ride and stay in Duplex Trendy’s two storey.

Number of Rooms: 13

Size of the room: 50 m2

Urban Chic

Relax and chill out in our clean and spacious Urban Chic. You will feel at home!.

Number of rooms: 2

Size of the room: 69 m2